About me

I am a licensed mental health counselor, licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor and nationally registered art therapist. 


 I work with individuals who are seeking to find ways to get relief from symptoms of mental illness and addictions.


My practice is focused towards individauls who are motivated to make changes in their lives due to these challenges which may be manifesting as anxiety, 

depression, somatic issues, eating disorders and 

substance abuse, chemical dependency or other forms of compulsive behaviors.


My work as a therapist is indelibly linked to finding ways to support my clients. Together we will work to explore 

the places within that have lived in isolation towards the goal of reintegration and a sense of wholeness. 


I work with individuals in a combination of ways to support expression and release of old stuck patterns. 










My Philosophy

It is my belief that the healing process is not about needing to be "fixed" but rather to learn ways to move into acceptance of our humaness. My work as a therapist is about leading clients through exploring the different parts of themselves to gain a deeper understanding of internal conflicts and the patterns that are getting in the way of moving forward. 


Head and the Hearth Psychotherapy is the name of my practice as it is the union of our thinking and emotions that allows us find an internal sense of freedom. 






 Art therapy

is a way to speak for and hold the feelings and thoughts that cannot be expressed through words alone. 

In my office,
you will find a hearth that provides a source of calm, warmth and reflection to support you in the healing journey.
My Education and Training

Level 2 Certified Inernal Family Systems Model 

Center for Self Leadership- 2015

Level 1 Certified Dream Patterning Analysis  

Asissi Institute- 2015

Level 1 Certified Mandala Assessment Research Instrument  

MARI Institute- 2009

Masters of Professional Studies in Art Therapy 

School of Visual Arts, New York, NY- 2009

Bachelors of Fine Arts

Tufts University, Medford, MA- 2004

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Tel: 802-752-6269

Head and the Hearth Psychotherapy